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If you are asking where to find a place to buy women’s work pants that can withstand the toughest backcountry challenges and office meetings, you are on the right trail! The versatile KÜHL women’s trousers for work combine technical and modern design with outdoor performance fabrics for a seamless transition from office desk to backcountry trail.

Simplicity, versatility, comfort - when it comes to designing the perfect work pants for women, it’s these three words that come to mind. It all starts with finding the right fabric for the job. For a long time, denim was known as the ultimate material to build women’s work jeans. It became widely popular thanks to its sturdiness. Since then, better technology and improved skill allowed us to take a step farther and further develop on the already great material. By blending denim with polyester, KÜHL created an advanced fabric that is comfortable, wicking, cooling, and allows athletic performance while still retaining the casual work pant look. Withstanding the test of time just like denim they are made of, our Danzr™ work pants for women series deliver high-performance and durability without sacrificing comfort. The trousers come in Skinny and Straight fit, as well Krafwerk style that proves not all jeans, have to be firm and rough.

We value the time we spend at work every day, and that is why we cannot afford anything less than the most comfortable legwear. Spending that many hours sitting or being active puts so much strain on our bodies. Wearing the appropriate women’s work pants can mitigate some, if not most, of the hardships. Constructed to fit like a glove: the waist, the legs, the length. Designed to perform in any environment - work or backcountry.

Some jobs, however, require women's work pants with a rougher build from fabrics that can take on serious punishment at a garden, job site or in a workshop. Introducing W's Rydr™ Pant and W's Law™ Pant - the classic and trusted KÜHL rugged ladies pants feature a female cut and feminine design. Easy to break in, cozy to stay in, and comfortable for everyday chores. Take time for yourself and enjoy your crafting hobbies with pants that can withstand anything you throw at them, while still being flexible and comfortable enough for a play-time with kids. Be confident with women's work pants that you will have a hard time working through.

Whether you are in a corporate office, coworking space, or freelancing from a local coffee shop, it’s essential to take breaks, stand up, and move. We all know our bodies are not designed to be stationary for a long time. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could be office- to trail-ready without having to change? Women’s leggings pants aren’t ideal for the occasion so what’s left? Invest in your health and stay on the move with fashionable, formal and comfortable Kontour™ Skinny. Designed for office athletes who are always ready to jump on an outdoor adventure with women’s office wear that performs in both environments. For spring and summer, choose something more lightweight and stylish, such as Jade™ Pant. Easy to pair with your favorite shirt, the comfortable, versatile women’s travel pants with a roll-up feature can keep up with your day – all the way from the corporate meetings to a casual evening with friends.