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Fabric Weight

All great travels begin with a plane ticket, a truck ride, a trail lookup... Keep exploring with KÜHL men's travel pants - woven from comfortable advanced fabrics and designed for adventurers and wanderers.

Men's travel pants are constructed for one purpose: limitless freedom of movement, unparalleled breathability, unmatched comfort. Built from advanced fabrics that tick all the boxes, the legwear shines on an overlanding trip, a cross-the-state flight, or just a ride to the closest national park or trail. No-one wants to carry unnecessary extra weight. When on the road, or backpacking, the goal is to bring less. Jeans and denim may seem like a stylish and all-around good idea to pack, but can you afford to make that decision when every ounce counts? These styles are more than just lightweight pants; they're comfortable and offer excellent on-trail performance.

A pair of the exceptional Renegade™ Rock is second to none men's travel pants. It combines year-round performance with innovative softshell fabric for peak travel versatility. Thanks to the DURALUX™ nylon/spandex blend with DWR, the legwear is more durable, breathable, and features quick-dry and anti-abrasion properties. Whether you are in the driving seat or commuting, experience the unmatched comfort of Free Ryde™ waistband, the knee dart articulation, gusseted crotch, and two-way stretch fabric. Rain or shine, Renegade™ Rock men's travel pants will get the job done.

With a focus on comfort and performance, men's travel pants are made for a different type of experienced wanderers: OVERLAND ADVENTURER Whether you're heading out for a spontaneous overlanding adventure in the backcountry or driving to take a trail in a national park, wearing a pair of breathable legwear can make all the difference. We recommend Renegade™: a pair of men's travel pants featuring multiple strategically placed knit panels (darts, yoke, and gusset) for unrivaled flexibility and comfort, and six pockets to bring your keys, cash, and cell-phone. AMPHIBIOUS EXPLORER Finding a pair of men's travel pants suitable for both getting to your favorite beach, jetty, or pier, and enjoying water activities may seem like an impossible task. Until you discover Revolvr™, lightweight, durable, comfortable, stylish, and functional on the road and on a deck. Thanks to the new ÜberKÜHL® Stretch blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex, the pants offer exceptional comfort, breathability, durability, and flexibility. Don't be afraid to get wet! The pants feature excellent wicking and quick-dry properties. AVIATOR Long overhaul flights, crowded airports, and distant terminals - a different kind of life on a road. Constantly on the move and traveling to far out destinations, you know tight, rigid jeans and denim are not ideal legwear, especially for long hours of sitting. Instead, seek comfort and versatility of men's travel pants such as Konfidant Air™. What makes the pant perfect for travel? Eleven unique and patent-pending vents, articulated knees, and Born Free™ gusseted crotch, along with nine pockets designed in a way you can never sit on your wallet and for easy access when sitting in airline seats. The pants also feature back hem reinforcement for added durability, zipped side and 3D stealth cell-phone pocket, and coin pocket for a quick snack or coffee from airport vending machines. You might be looking for a radically different pair of travel trousers—something constructed for men that just can't sit idle. Built from ENDURO™ fabric, a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex, Free Radikl™ delivers year-round performance, no matter the trail you take or which city you explore. The features are in the fabric's name - Free Radikl™ is designed for unmatched comfort and sturdiness that's only topped by its wearer. Stylish in the office, rugged in the backcountry, fashionable on the flights.