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Discover the advanced fabrics and innovative design behind our men's active shorts. Stay on the move!

Active shorts, also known as gym shorts or athletic shorts, are lightweight shorts suitable for workout. These shorts are usually breathable and stretchy, with moisture-wicking and quick-drying abilities to prevent moisture and sweat. The Upriser™ Short is a great example of a both top-performing active short and swimming shorts for men. Made of premium-quality perforated fabric that improves breathability and speeds drying time, this comfortable men’s active shorts feature a FreeRyde™ waistband for comfort and 5 pockets for all you need to bring to a training session.

The best KÜHL men's active shorts are lightweight and flexible, but also breathable and quick-drying, to prevent the body from overheating and to evaporate the sweat. Check out the Freeflex™ Short, designed and built to help you reach your workout optimum. Cut from the unique FREEFLEX™ fabrics that stretch without spandex, your shorts won’t sag or bag providing the freedom of movement for a longer time. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying abilities eliminate the excess sweat, keeping you fresh and dry. The 4 pockets and a wide pull-on waistband with external drawcord make Freeflex Short the ultimate men’s active shorts. If your action requires more pockets, check out Renegade™ Short, our cargo shorts collection. For a more versatile option, you can wear both to the gym and casual evenings, check out the Silencr™ Short. It’s a lightweight, durable short made from the innovative REFLEX™ fabric with UPF 50 and great stretch features. Articulated design, gusseted crotch and stretch fabric all add up for the ultimate freedom of movement, while the stylish look and chino style front pockets make the shorts suitable for any occasion.

Depending on the intensity and type of activity, and weather conditions as well, you can choose men’s active shorts of a wide range of lengths. From as short as 4″ for running, to as long as 11″ or 12 inches for basketball. The key thing is to make the right choice, so you could avoid the inner thighs chaffing that causes your shorts to ride up when you exercise. KÜHL offers each of the men’s active shorts in three different lengths: 8″, 10″ and 12 inches. Choose stretchy shorts above the knee, such as Freeflex™ Short, for a high-intensity workout. For sports or strength exercises, choose around or below the knee length shorts, such as Upriser™ Short. For more versatile options that allow you to confidently kneel and crouch while maintaining a perfect fit and a stylish, casual look, check out the Silencr™ Short, Shift Amfib™ Short or Shift Stealth Amfib™ Short. Consult the size guide on the product page for more information on the inseam.

Some men prefer slim fit shorts for working out, while others prefer a more comfortable, relaxed fit. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in your men’s active shorts and that the shorts provide unrestricted movement. For the ultimate freedom of movement, check out the lightweight, breathable Freeflex™ Short, or the Upriser™ Short with a gusseted crotch and a FreeRyde™ waistband. For the maximum versatility, check out the Shift Amfib™ Short or Shift Stealth Amfib™ Short with a regular fit. Both shorts feature a DWR finish and UPF 50 which makes them perfect for the outdoors, while a gusseted crotch and added stretch provide flexibility. Chino style front pockets and EQUALIZR™ rear pockets add to the modern, stylish look of the shorts. Both shorts are suitable for various occasions, from hiking to dining out and even water activities, thanks to their water-adjusted fabric blends and design. For an all-round experience of men’s active shorts, take a look at the Silencr™ Short. A lightweight, high-performing, and durable champion of flexibility – both the flexibility of movement and the flexibility of style.