frequently asked questions


  • We cannot combine or make changes to an order but you may cancel within 60 minutes of submitting by returning to your order history page on kuhl.com and clicking cancel.

  • You may cancel within 60 minutes of submitting by returning to your order history page on kuhl.com and clicking cancel. Please contact us for assistance.

  • KÜHL Canada accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and KÜHL® gift cards.


  • KÜHL Canada ships to Canadian destinations from our warehouse in Kamloops, BC..

  • We work hard to process and ship orders within 1-2 business days. Holiday closures may impact this timeframe. We will email your shipping confirmation including tracking once your order has shipped.

  • KÜHL Canada only ships to Canada. If you wish to ship to a destination other than Canada, please visit KÜHL US.

  • We do not offer free shipping to Canada on either site or from the KÜHL Canada warehouse..

  • KÜHL does not ship to Freight Forwarders under any circumstances. If you place an order shipping to a freight forwarder, your order may be canceled and payment authorization voided.


  • Our return policy can be found here

  • Visit our warranty page here.


  • The four-digit style code may be found on the smallest fabric tag sewn inside the garment, usually found behind the care instructions (the RN number is not the style number).

    For men’s pants or shorts, the style name may be printed inside of the pants on the backside of the front left pocket. Style numbers can also be found on hang tags as well as on your order history on kuhl.com. If you are still unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact [email protected] and provide information such as a photo of the item, fabric content, and any other distinguishing features.

  • Unfortunately, we do not have access to our dealers’ inventory. Please feel free to call us and we will be happy to help you find what you are looking for. Check out Locally.com for product near you.

  • We have made every effort to display products exactly as they will look when you receive them. The pictures may appear differently depending on the monitor that you view them on.

  • Please go to www.kuhl.com, and click on Pro Sales at the bottom of the page. From there, apply and someone from our Pro Sales team will be in contact with you.

KÜHL Company Story

  • Born in the Mountains, KÜHL is the art of performance and casual style. We make premium performance clothing including pants, shorts, shirts and jackets for men, women, boys and girls. From technical outdoor to rugged workwear to lightweight hiking pants, KÜHL lets you go farther and stay comfortable from the high seas to snowy summits.

  • KÜHL’s headquarters and distribution center is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • KÜHL is an American company with a passion for mountain culture.

  • KÜHL is a German word that literally means “cool”. In Scandinavia KÜHL is slang for “fun”.

    Part of the inspiration for the name came from KÜHL’s original master pattern maker for over 20 years, Holger Kuhr. “Hoagie” was born in Germany and created our legendary 3-D engineered patterning, designed to move with bodies in motion.

  • KÜHL began as Alfwear in 1983. The name KÜHL was trademarked and introduced in 1994 at the Outdoor Retailer trade show.

  • No. KÜHL is fiercely independent and privately owned.

KÜHL Impact/Sustainability

  • KÜHL’s passion is the product– the art and science of creating premium well-fitting and highly-functional performance clothing with casual style. Since KÜHL has no shareholders we don’t answer to anyone but you, our customers.

  • KÜHL is a product driven and independent company. Our passion is our people, who share the passion for the craft. KÜHL has paid 100% of our employee’s health insurance premiums for almost 20 years. Not many companies can say that. KÜHL also has two full-time chefs that provide a gourmet lunch every day at no charge to our staff.

  • We are committed to being good to the planet and those on it. Many of our authorized dealers ask us to follow a set of corporate and environmental responsibilities. We are always striving to source responsibly, provide a higher quality of living for all involved, and make the best product with the least amount of environmental impact.

KÜHL Products

  • KÜHL is sold through national and international retailers and specialty outdoor stores. Our authorized dealer locator can be found here.

  • Our online store is located at kuhl.com.

  • Jackets with two-way zippers have two zipper sliders that allow the jacket to be unzipped from the top downwards and/or from the bottom upwards. To engage the two-way zippers, both sliders must be firmly at the bottom of the jacket before inserting the opposite side of the zipper (pin).

    First, make sure that the bottom slider is seated at the very bottom of the zipper. Second, make sure that the top slider is aligned with the bottom slider so that the pin can be inserted all the way through both sliders. It is not necessary to support the bottom slider with your finger and doing so may unseat the sliders. Now the zipper has been aligned correctly, it should zip up smoothly.