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Embrace the trails with KÜHL women's hiking pants! Experience the delicate touch of our advanced fabrics, constructed with a feminine fit.

Hitting the trails takes a lot more than going for a relaxing stroll around the closest park. Your go-to comfy jeans won't cut it this time, so getting a top performance women's hiking pants is the best thing you can do for yourself. Luckily, there are plenty of options - you can have lightweight, flexible, durable pants made for hiking that are stylish and versatile as well. If you’re going on a longer hiking trip, then consider checking out our women’s cargo pants collection.

The best women's hiking pants are: • made from premium-quality fibers – lightweight, stretchy, breathable, durable; • designed for outdoor activities – lots of pockets, roll-up feature, relaxed fit, comfortable waistband, ergonomically placed details (drawcords, zips and snap closures). When you're actively exploring the outdoors, you need lightweight, comfortable pants that let your body stretch and breathe. Check out the Trekr™ Pant. This pant features original brushed face woven fabric with built-in stretch that makes them flexible and comfortable. Whenever you get hot on the trail, you can easily turn them to Kapri, thanks to side seams. Add four pockets and a relaxed fit, and you got a top-performing versatile pant you can wear to a hike as well as to a bar. Not all women's hiking pants need to have a relaxed fit Hörizn™ Skinny top performance pant is constructed from innovative REFLEX™ soft ripstop fabric that provides 4-way-stretch while maintaining the skinny fit with perfect comfort. Quick-dry, breathable pant with UPF 50+ and durable water-repellent coating are flawlessly designed for hiking – less bulky thanks to a saddle stitch seaming, articulated, with two zip pockets placed on thighs. For a durability bonus, the thread used throughout the pant is the same 100% nylon thread from climbing harnesses! For an all-round experience of women's hiking pants, take a look at the Freeflex™ Roll-Up Pant. Made from original FREEFLEX™ fabric without spandex, the pant lets you stretch in every way you want, without sagging over time. The lightweight, soft material and a relaxed fit design make pants extremely comfortable. If you're heading out early when it's chilly outside, but you expect to heat up at noon, you can easily roll the pant up and improve air circulation, lowering your body temperature. Your body is also protected from both heat and moisture with UPF 50+ and a durable water-repellent feature, so you covered all possible weather changes with only one piece of clothing. Invaluable, don't you think?

Women's hiking leggings can be an excellent option for hitting the trails if they're made of premium-quality materials. The best leggings for hiking are durable options with improved breathability, such as W's Travrse™ Legging. Durable water-repellent finish and UPF 50+ protect your body from heat and moisture, while stretch panels at front and back with harmony knit fabric at sides, inseam, and waistband provide extreme comfort and perfect fit.

Regular cotton fiber doesn't stand for a good choice when it comes to outdoor activities. However, top quality women's hiking pants can be made of special high-performance cotton blend, such as in W's Resistor™ Pant. Thanks to the blend of materials, this water-repellent pant has the comfort of cotton but is also flexible and extremely durable because of the other materials combined. For a lightweight, casual, versatile option also made of high-performance cotton blend, take a look at the Cabo™ Pant. Soft fabric with built-in stretch and a stylish, relaxed fit with a roll-over edge waistband makes this pant a go-to pant for any occasion. A UPF 50+ is a bonus! An original fiber blend like ÜBERKÜHL™ STRETCH featured in Splash™ Roll-Up Pant has as much as 68% of high-performance cotton. This pant is stretchy, lightweight, and comfortable while having the quick-dry ability and UPF 50+. The ability to easily roll-up the legs, the relaxed fit with ergonomically placed back and thigh pockets makes this pant perfect for outdoor activities.